We, the thirteen members of the Board of Trustees of the Temple 3 Foundation, hereby declare that we believe in the reign of the Creator of the Universe over all citizens of the planet and accept upon ourselves - jointly and severally - to safely preserve in a trust all funds raised resulting from the acquisition of TM3 token as a virtual asset by faithful believers from around the world, in favor of the construction of the third Temple.

The funds will be preserved in a cold storage cryptocurrency wallet and will be released upon the arrival of the for Messiah and will be transferred to Him within 30 days of His arrival.

The Temple 3 Foundation Trust will hold 80% of the total funds raised from the sale of the TM3 tokens with one sole goal in mind: to help finance the rebuilding of the Third Holy Temple by the Messiah.

The Trust Fund has appointed a lawyer, an internal auditor and a director of the Trust, and will hold the fund in a cryptocurrency cold storage wallet, until the arrival of the Messiah.

The important decision of awarding the trust funds will be determined by an absolute majority of 75% of the trustees, with the decision on the transfer of mutual funds to be made upon the arrival of the Messiah.

A special USB encrypted electronic wallet which contains the trust funds, allowing the distribution of the tokens, will be kept in a special safe at a reputable and recognized banking institution in Jerusalem, the Eternal Capital.

Three representatives of the Board of Trustees will be appointed as gatekeepers, each holding one part of the pin number, the combination of which will open the safe containing the USB plug and the electronic wallet with the funds, and will be responsible for handing over the funds to the Messiah and/or his representative, at his sole discretion.

The Identities of the board of trustees will be announced on the Israeli Independence day 28/05/2020.